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Features of Compact Fluorescent Lamp(CFL)

July 4, 2011

Features of Compact Fluorescent Lamp:

1. Working Voltage: 100-250V

2. Longer operation life: ≥8000 hours on average

3. No noise; reliable and stable performance;

4. No interference to communication & household appliance.

5. As a kind of residential lighting or industrial & commercial lights, our compact fluorescent lamps can save as much as 80% energy comparing to incandescent lamps.

6. Tribasic fluorescent powder is adopted to produce the tube of our CFL lamp, so the light features with natural lighting and low heating.

7. Color temperature: 2700K, 6400K

8. CFL lamp for residential lighting: Tubular type (2U, 3U) energy saving light; spiral & half special compact fluorescent lamp;

9. CFLs used as industrial light or commercial light: T4 compact fluorescent light; U type CFL lamp and lotus series CFL lamp.

Applications of Compact Fluorescent Lamp:

Britech CFL lamps can be used as residential lighting, industrial light or commercial light in houses, offices, hospitals, hotels as well as many other places.

Besides CFL lamp, other lights and lamps like halogen lamps, LED light bulbs as well as incandescent light bulbs are all available here.

We at Britech look forward to adding to our global markets, and we would be happy to help you with all of your lighting needs, whether for compact fluorescent lamps (CFL lamps), LED bulbs, halogen lamps, or residential and industrial lighting. We have obtained CE, EMC and RoHS certificates for our CFL lamp, halogen lamps and LED tube lights etc… Our company located in Shanghai, the biggest port city of China, we are provided with convenient transportations of any kind, by land, sea or air, which will greatly reduce your transportation cost. We also offer OEM services upon request. Our Web:


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