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LED Beacons for sale

July 4, 2011

Description of LED Beacons:

They adopt imported high bright led tube, which is the popular cold light source in warning light. They also adopt the environmentally friendly cold light source, rendering LED beacon the features of not getting hot, a high photoelectric conversion rate, a strong sense of direction, a long duration of use with longevity in effect up to 50,000 hours. LED beacons should be operated at the voltage of 12V and they are equipped with a capacitance specialized for LED beacons which can be used for as long as 1000 times. The low consumption of power and energy, together with a reasonable light distribution curve effectively increases light efficiency. They possess the module integration structure and a stable capacity. The cover is made up of materials that can be penetrated by light easily, endurable to impact, colorfast and a good ability of being penetrated by light. LED beacons’ cover is comprised of high-quality polyester material and endurable to impact. After the intensive processing, the cover assumes a high hardness and a high capability of resisting impact. Meanwhile, it also boasts the strengths of countering ultraviolet, resisting ageing and a bright color. They can be applied to cars’ decorations and warnings.

Features of LED Beacons:

1. Aluminum alloy tube with high intensity.

2. Easy to install.

3. The height of the lamp can be easily adjusted.

4. Used widely in police force motorcycles.

5. Fixed lever is made of anti-impact aluminum alloy.

6. Lamp chimney is made of polyester material and transparent.

7. Customers can choose from red, blue and yellow.

8. Light source: 1 U-model flash bulb.

9. Lamp uses imported xenon lamp tube.

10. Low energy consumption, high illumination.

11. We provide red LED beacons, blue LED beacons, and amber LED beacons for your choice.

The functions of the product:

1. The LED beacons offer you a nice function of warning. (A better effect in misty and rainy days in particular)

2. They can be used as warning when the vehicles are stopped on the expressway for a break or for an adjustment. They can warn the following cars of circumventing the cars in front so as to reduce accidents.

ZhenYu electric is a professional manufacturer and producer of LED beacons in China. We have accumulated a wide range of clients and experience over the 15 years of our business. Our LED beacons have already been exported to Europe, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa. We have clients in Mexico, Thailand, Russia, Algeria, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, The United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, and Sudan. High quality products and reasonable pricing is the pillar for us to gain the clients’ recognition continually. At the same time, we keep researching and developing LED beacons more adaptable to the market demands to gain the recognition of more clients. We can supply red LED beacons, blue LED beacons, and amber LED beacons. We can also manufacture the products according to the clients’ needs. If you need LED beacons, please contact us without hesitation.


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