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Single-punch tablet press – Medical Machinery for sale

July 4, 2011

Single-punch tablet press – Medical Machinery 

 Single-punch tablet press - Medical Machinery

This Single-punch tablet press is designed for pressing tablets from a variety of granulated materials. The Single-punch tablet press is a pressing machine driven by motor or hand. One punch die set is included. Filling depth, tablet thickness, and punch pressure are all adjustable. Our Single-punch tablet press is an ideal equipment for laboratory, research department and small manufacturers.

Tablet press, is also can be called as tablet press machine, pill press machine, tablet compression machine and tablet making machine, is for pressing powder raw materials into tablets.

Model TDP-1.5 TDP-5 TDP-6
Maximum Pressure(KN) 15 50 60
Maximum Dia. of Tablet(mm) 12 20 25
Maximum Filling Depth(mm) 12 16 16
Maximum Thickness of Tablet(mm) 6 6 6
Production Capacity(pieces/hour) 5000 4500 4500
Motor power(KW) 0.55 0.75 1.1
Overall Size(mm) 700*370*800 700*400*800 700*500*900
Weight(KG) 90 125 145

More tablet press information, please click here.


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